Patrick Martineau, Ph.D.

Patrick Martineau

Patrick Martineau

I am currently a researcher at the Application Laboratory of the  Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC).

My most recent research is on the socioeconomic impacts of climate variability. More precisely, I am using machine learning techniques to forecast Malaria incidence in South Africa based on climate predictors.

I am also interested in extreme events, such as cold spells and heat waves, affecting the mid-latitudes in the Northern Hemisphere, and their future trends.  I aim to improve our understanding of the dynamics of the weather systems leading to surface extremes, such as the NAO and blocking events, to improve our confidence in climate projections.

Finally, I am involved in the S-RIP project which aims to better characterize and understand differences in the representation of the atmosphere among reanalysis datasets. For this project I contribute to the chapter on Stratosphere-Troposphere coupling and I wish to extend the comparison to the representation of extreme weather events.

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